Toyota Manufacturing Plant

  • Power supply:55,000 Watts
  • Location:Province of Bs. As
  • Period:25/AUG/2010 -25/AUG/2015


3440KWatts system comprising five CETEC gen sets model CD688E SA in parallel among gen sets. Dedicated to power supply for the new painting facilities in Toyota Argentina manufacturing plant. Supply of power needs for production facilities for the first months since opening of plant. Project approved by Toyota Brazil and by Toyota Japan.

The system is engineered to operate as an energy source replacing utility grid supply; CETEC gen sets operate in parallel one to the others with active and reactive load sharing. The start up cycle and on-off operation in parallel of each unit is driven by means of a single command from the centralized control room. After gen sets are fully operative load transfer between gen sets is made on a demand-response basis. Connection and disconnection working ranges are set up for each gen set thus allowing an optimum consumption economy; the installation of gen sets includes an automatic fuel supply allowing autonomous operations during long periods.




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