Biogas project – Las Camelias Chicken Processing Plant

  • Customer: Las Camelias
  • Power supply:Biogas
  • Location:San José, Entre Ríos.


The efficient use of biogas from chicken manure digesters is an environmentally friendly and sustainable renewable energy alternative. Energy output does not replace existing conventional energy supply sources; however biogas use protects the environment and allows for a cut down in plant operating cost. CETEC is developing power and hot water supply in a co-generation system using the gas produced by manure digesters. This biogas is a low energy gas and its contents of methane and CO2 are variable, also having some amounts of hydrogen sulfides. The biogas has to be pretreated, compressed and filtered. Composition of the biogas varies depending on the components in the process, and temperature and relative humidity of the digestion process. This results in the provision of gen sets with engines specifically engineered for this process. Our technical expertise in engine applications and the capacity to develop new products allows CETEC to participate in this highly challenging projects.



The gen set for this application is a CDGN 425 SA model with a Doosan GV 222 TI engine with a specifically modified gas inlet stage and a command panel for parallel operation to supply 250 KW/h permanently.



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