Container Gas Gen Sets

Gas Generator Sets. Container Gen Sets

Container Gen Sets

This application has been specifically developed for energy utilities. The comprehensive range of operational modes of Cetec’s Container Gen Sets covers every emergency power supply and maintenance needs for public electricity networks. These units allow automatic synchronization with public grid or with other electricity generation providers. Operational modes:
• In parallel with public grid, providing a fixed load to support electricity generation during critical points.
• Automatic in parallel one to the others with active and reactive load sharing.
• In parallel under automatic demand-response to optimize fuel consumption according to different demand levels.
• In low voltage lines – 380/400 VAC
• In medium voltage lines – 13,200 VAC, though a step up transformer included in the supply.

The gen sets include: certified three-axis trailers with automatic brakes, supporting legs, and towing disc connecting to the towing unit; an automatic refueling system with quick connectors that allow ease of movement and a quick, safe and simple installation of the gen set at each relocation.

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