Coalescing filters

Origin: Italy

Compressed air

Compressed air is an essential source of energy, which is used in all types of industry, as it guarantees a high degree of safety and flexibility.


The benefits of it are exalted only if this important resource is used without the impurities it usually contains.
In the compressed air are, in fact, many pollutants, such as:
– The lubrication oil of the compressors;
– Corrosive gases in the atmosphere and pollution;
– Water vapor;
– Solid particles and corrosion of mechanical parts and distribution lines;
– Solid particles attracted by the compressor.
Within the compression effect in high temperatures, these substances combine to become acidic liquids and creating problems for pneumatic equipment.
The oil penetrates the line (losing its lubricating properties) and downstream equipment.

General features:

Interior and exterior stainless steel support, large surface and depth filtration, double braid (internal and external) in non-woven polyester seam, five filter cartridges, and silicone construction.
The wide section of the flow channels ensures a limited loss of load.
Anodized aluminum filter box, both internally and externally to prevent corrosion.
Externally coated with powder.
The device allows the depressurization of the safe opening.

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