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CETEC SUDAMERICANA S.A. it exclusively represents the diesel, gas and marine diesel lines of the Korean company HD Hyundai Infracore (ex Daewoo), counting in this division with all the technical advice and endorsement, as well as after-sales service and normal supply of spare parts.

Doosan engines are manufactured by HD Hyundai Infracore Heavy Industry, through the Engines and Materials Division, based on a license acquired from Mann (Germany).

Marine engines- propulsion. The complete line of Doosan marine engines includes improvements and modifications to the fuel system as well as a new turbo design and an improved exhaust manifold and intercooler design. Cetec offers heavy duty, medium and light duty motors available with powers between 132kW and 883kW with 13 basic motor configurations.

The products meet all current and future IMO standards on NOx emissions and offer greater fuel economy.

Doosan has the ability to provide integral units for on-board power supply and propulsion. Cetec also offers various gearboxes, which is a complete package. Therefore, it distributes the complete Doosan line that has 13 models of marine propulsion engines and 13 models of marine auxiliary engines, which comprise a range of 96 to 800 kW.

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