Written by Cetec on June 15, 2019 in Institutional News

YPF GAS | With the aim of boosting our delivery of services to bulk LPG business and to promote better alternatives to crop irrigation and power generation, YPG GAS is seeking strategic partnerships with first rank suppliers to develop energy solutions with added value to our customers.

Focused on providing our customers with energy solutions complementary to our products, using LPG stationary engines for permanent supply, during the Oil & Gas Argentina exhibition we signed an strategic partnership agreement with CETEC Sudamericana, a leading supplier of engines and gen set in our market that is highly oriented to gas as supply for the operation of CETEC products. This recommendation partnership agreement also involves commitments for mutually beneficial training, potential customers referrals, advertising and joint participation in exhibitions.
YPF GAS firmly believes on the importance of supplying to our customers top quality and reliable services, with nationwide coverage and a with an excellent post-sale service, with the focus on improving our value proposal to different industries and to strengthen our leading share in the LPG market.