Container Gen Sets


This application is specially developed for electrical companies. Thanks to its variety of operating modes, it covers all maintenance and emergency supply needs in public networks. The units allow automatic synchronization with the public network or with other generators.

Operational Modes

• Operation in parallel with a public network, contributing Fixed load in order to support generation at critical moments.
• Automatic parallel operation with distributions of active and reactive loads.
• Parallel operation by automatic demand to optimize fuel consumption in relation to different demands.
• Operation in low voltage lines 380/400 Vac.
• Operation in medium voltage lines 13,200 Vac. , through the elevating transformer that forms part of the provision.

The generator sets are equipped with approved three-axle couplings with pneumatic brakes, support legs and traction plate for tractor unit Automatic fuel refill system with quick connectors facilitating the mobility of the equipment and thus getting the generator set installed in each Site is fast, simple and safe.

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